At The Music House, we teach with a fun approach, using positive reinforcement and motivation, but with real goals, structure, and results. Lessons are available on piano/keyboards and voice for all ages from absolute beginners to very advanced.

Lessons are taught by 2 highly experienced and educated professionals:


Both Mélanie and Ben have been teaching for more than 15 years and have enjoyed a high rate of customer satisfaction and student retention. Their students have enjoyed great success in music festivals and exams.

Call or email for scheduling and rates.

Mélanie Caissie is a classical vocal specialist with a performance degree from the University of Toronto. She is also a terrific pianist and piano teacher. She specializes in teaching young children, voice students up to the highest levels, and teaches in French or English.

Ben Jokela is a pianist and keyboardist with an honours diploma in jazz and modern music performance with a minor in arranging from Humber College. He specializes in teaching modern styles, improvisation, teenagers, adults and later beginners, and in using technology with music.