The Music House has three separate work spaces that all function for both teaching and recording.  All have plenty of natural light and top quality equipment. 

The main studio is a large, open, multifunctional space where the hub of the recording studio lives.  It is also the main teaching area with several digital piano and midi keyboard options as well as a Korg BX-3 organ.  The computer and electronic technology offers all forms of audio/video capabilities (CD, DVD, mp3, ipod, etc) as well as high-speed internet access.


The “isolation” room is also quite large with a lovely sounding vintage acoustic piano, electric piano and computer.  It is connected to the main hub with audio cabling for recording and monitoring.  Comfortable and effective, these rooms offer teacher and student a simple flow that makes the lesson experience pleasant and productive.


The third area is temporarily home to a world-class German grand piano (Bechstein M) that must be seen and heard to be fully appreciated.  This piano is great for students’ final prep for recitals and festivals, to record their best work, or just as an occasional treat.  It is wired directly to the main studio for recording.